What is the difference between a coach, a friend or family member?

CAP COACHA good coach does not bring his or her own agenda to the conversation and is detached from the outcome.  A good and empowering  coach does not judge and see you as you are at that present moment. He or she sees you as of NOW without based on the past or future.

Friends and family are always protective of you. They care about you, they know you and your stories well, they care about you to the extend that they may not want you to take risks or make changes that way  affect them. A coach believe that you have the potential to achieve whatever it is that you want for your life.

can you coach your friend / family members? 

under professional coaching best practice,  it may not be effective to coach someone you are closed with. however that doesn’t mean that you shall not apply coaching  skills in engaging a  conversation with your closed ones.

 YES, i have coached a very closed friend, it was tough and a clear ‘contracting “ and setting expectations have to be done up front and in every session.  of course, i pray before i start every session.  

i Have coached my nephew when he was deciding what to do next after implying  his secondary school.  Although there were not more formal coaching sessions, always try to ask powerful questions to provoke his thinking rather than telling him what to do.


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